Turning Ideas into Products

MII can help your medical device prototype achieve
 commercial success.

              Unparalleled Project Management:
        Engineering Services and Fulfillment
        Prototype Manufacturing
       Financial Development Experience
       Business Development, Marketing, Manufacturing,
            Order Fulfillment

Our unique, holistic approach to design and development can deliver solutions that meet or exceed performance expectations, usually at a lower cost and often in a fraction of the time. We offer the expertise, experience, and facilities that enable our clients to:

        Develop innovative design concepts and protect intellectual

        Identify problems early in the development cycle and prevent
             their negative impact on a project

        Streamline and optimize manufacturing processes
        Accelerate time-to-market and lower product development
        Improve functionality and reliability of products 



The roots of MII began 40 years ago with a relationship between certain Mayo Clinic Physicians looking for resources to develop medical devices and bring the projects to market. 

MII continues the legacy today by focusing on client value.

To develop new device products, MII Product Development Division coordinates and supports the efforts of inventors, engineers, doctors, investors, venture capitalists and alliances that include larger medical device manufacturers. 

Medical Innovations International Prototype Development Group is a full-service engineering team completely committed to technical excellence and customer service. Our team offers in-depth technical knowledge in all areas of medical product design and development.

Classical engineering methods and the newest and most advanced technologies are utilized to provide clients with the best, most cost-effective solutions for the products, components, processes and equipment.

Our expertise in areas of Quality Function Deployment, Functional Analysis and Theory of Solutions of Inventive Problems will work for you to develop innovative concepts, protect your intellectual property and identify the best and most promising concepts for your products or equipment.

Mathematical, physical and statistical modeling, design of experiments and quality control methods are used to streamline your design verification and design validation processes. 

The structured development process assures mitigation of project risks before fully project resources are committed.  This approach assures optimal reliability and performance of the product.

Continuous monitoring of the project risks with the Reliability Grows Model and Anticipatory Failure Determination allows us to forecast the feasibility, potential performance issues, critical design and technology constrains and to predict and prevent feature complications.


Paul Sadler