End of Life Product Management

As some products and devices reach the end of their life cycles, they often times can begin to present problems to a manufacturer or distributor.  Issues of availability, inventory management, liability, and alignment of resources can be taxing on the resources of a business. 

Yet some products remain beneficial and are at times still requested by customers and current product information

The Product Management Team at MII can help. 

An example of an End of Life product is the Rochester Nasal Septal Button.  MII manages the limited manufacturing of the product and continues to fulfill and track orders.  Existing customers continue to benefit from and have access to updated and current product information. 

As an integrated part of the business model, MII offers product management and manufacturing services for products at the end of their life cycles at reduced expenses.  Contact the Product Management Team to find out what your company can save by contracting with MII to manage your End of Life products.  


Paul Sadler

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