Endo X Trainer  Developed at the Mayo Clinic for Endoscopic Training.
Barton Button Tracheostoma Buttons  A tracheostoma button for Larygectomees.
Rochester Bone Biopsy™ Trephine  7.5mm bone biopsy for bone histology and histomorphometry.
Rochester Cannula Clamp™
Reusable Hose Clips.
Rochester Nasal Septal Button™  Closes nasal perforations up to 25mm.
Rochester Patient Status and Exam Lights  Used at several hospitals including the Mayo Clinic.


Products and devices that are manufactured under a contractual agreement with other medical device companies and manufacturers include:

Lee Lok Bone Marrow Biopsy and Harvest Needle, manufactured for
      Lee Medical, LTD., of Minneapolis Minnesota

IAP Products for Veterinary use, manufactured for IAP Inc., of Rochester