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Rochester Bone Biopsy™ Trephine and Bone Graph Device

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Dr. Robert Recker, Director of the Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center, developed the unique kerf of the cutting teeth after 'saw-blade' style teeth proved to be largely ineffective.  

For some frequently asked questions regarding the use of the bone graft device answered by Dr. Recker, please view the FAQ Brochure.  One frequently asked question is, "What is your opinion with regards to the number of procedures you would recommend before reconditiong the Trephine Cutter Device?"  

"2 - 5 biopsies. You will notice that I send the trephines in for "touching up" quite often. I rarely do more than 3 or 4 biopsies with a trephine before sending it to you for sharpening." -Dr. Recker   

An article outlining the use of the 7.5mm Rochester Bone Biopsy™ for bone histology and histomorphometry is published by Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Outpatient Percutaneous Biopsy of the Iliac Crest, Vol 61, pages 28-33.

Instrument set consists of Bone Biopsy (Trephine) Cutter Assemby, Pointed Obturator or Trocar, Guide Sleeve, Extractor and Drive Adaptor.

An addition to the standard Rochester Bone Biopsy™  7.5mm Trephine, a 15mm Rochester Bone Harvest  Trephine™ is also available on a special order basis.  Call 1-5O7-289-O761 for information.



Kit Includes:
  Guide Sleeve, Trephine Cutter, Pointed Obturator and Extractor


Also Available:  Battery Operated Cordless Drill
 with Chuck Extension,
 Surgical Drill Drive Adaptor


Hand Ratchet and
Hand Ratchet Adaptor

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