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Background: "We have developed a silicone rubber tube, similar at its proximal end to the helsper tracheostomy tube, to combine with the Blom-Singer valve."*

Clinical Experience: "The tube has been successfully worn by near-total larygectomees with good tracheopharyngeal fistula speech and by total laryngectomees who have undergone a tracheo-esophageal puncture and have been fitted with a voice prosthesis."*

Indication: "Not all laryngectomees will be successful candidates for the Button, but the majority who are already successful users of stoma buttons should have no problem adjusting to the modification.  The Barton Button™ has been recognized as a useful option in vocal laryngectomees after tracheoesophageal puncture"*

*Quoted from an article that references the Barton-Mayo™ Tracheostoma Button ("Barton Button™") from the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Vol. 99 : An Endostomal Tracheostomy Tube for Leakproof Retention of the Bolm-Singer Stomal Valve.

Links to website resources that provide additional information:

Web Whispers (http://www.webwhispers.org)  An internet Laryngectomee Support Website.  August 2002 edition article Hands-Free, Glue-Free, outlines advantages of the Barton-Mayo Button. 
8-1-02 Web Whispers Journal Article 

IAL NEWS (http://www.larynxlink.com) Is a newsletter for Laryngectomees.  September 1, 2002, IAL NEWS publishes an article referencing the HME filters available to use with the Barton-Mayo Button.  article .pdf (p.18)

Head & Neck,Volume 22, Issue 2, 2000. Experience with Barton button and peristomal breathing valve attachments for hands-free tracheoesophageal speech.   Jan S. Lewin, James Lemon, Julie K. Bishop-Leone, Stacy Leyk, Jack W. Martin, Ann M. Gillenwater Abstract can be found at: Article Abstract

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Near - total and total laryngectomy patients have used the Tracheostoma Button (Barton Button) successfully for years.

Compatible with Blom-Singer Adjustable Tracheostoma Valve.

To obtain this product, call your physician or medical device distributor.

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