Medical Innovations is a company dedicated to manufacturing and managing medical devices that change our lives for the better.

Located in Rochester, Minnesota, Medical Innovations has created a forum where innovative medical devices ideas are brought to life.

We work with individual entrepreneurs, small companies, larger enterprises and institutions.  Some of our customers include:  Wilson-Cook, Pfizer, Mayo Clinic, Merck, Lee Medical, American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Innovative Animal Products, MD Anderson Cancer Center and more.

The company operates with three separate divisions that continue a legacy of customer value:

Medical Device Prototype Engineering and Development

MII approaches prototype development today with the same spirit as the original founders.  Engineering and developing Medical Device prototypes have long been apart of the company culture at MII.  Small and large companies and individuals have approached MII to provide development services to assist in bringing an idea to the next stages in the product life cycle.  Services offered include prototype engineering consulting, prototype design and fabrication, manufacturing, acquiring technical feedback and support, and assistance in aligning the product with distributors.  

Individual entrepreneurs and companies with an idea have benefited from the expert staff of MII who have the experience of taking a project from the idea stage to full commercial market realization.

More information about the Product Development Team can be found on the Prototype page.

Contract Manufacturing

MII's strength is in manufacturing medical devices and operates as a medical device manufacturer.  Contracting with various entities, MII has developed a reputation for managing the manufacturing of devices for other companies.  From small to large runs, MII can help you lower your production costs by taking advantage of our economies of scale and low operating overhead.

For more information about the Product Development Team can be found on the Manufacturing page.

End-of-Life Device Product Management

Every product has a life cycle that has a beginning and an end.  Some companies continue to carry products that have reached the end of their life cycles for various reasons including customer loyalty to a company or product line.  Because of the limited sales generated from of End-of-Life products, the costs to maintain the capabilities to manufacturer such products often times continues to increase. 

MII has developed a niche market to effectively manage the manufacturing and order fulfillment for End-of-Life Products.  By entrusting MII to follow through with their End-of-Life Products, certain manufactures have realized the benefits of aligning their resources to be more efficient.

More information about the Product Development Team can be found on the End of Life Product page.